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´╗┐Dean Saunders urges fans to put Wolves first Express Star

Its not a fans protest and its not in my name Home and Away season ticket "Anaboliset Aineet" holder, Wolves Fan for 40 plus years I have seen the dark days and this is not the time to attack the club.United we stand divided we fall.Get behind the club, manager and team. We can turn this around if we are as one.I fed up of hearing you call fans who dare question the great Steve Morgan not real supporters you have happily clapped us to the bottom three of this division and you will clap us down again this year.You ask who are the WSA well who are the 37 people "invited" to the parliment and swallow the party line. Then you know whether they represent you or not. If not then why not apply to be a member and voice your concerns directly to Wolves representatives and ask the questions you feel are so pertinent.Alternatively you could take part in a cruddy gathering around the Billy Wright statue shuffling your feet and shouting a bit. Or you could just sit in "buy cheap jintropin online" your armchair spouting ill informed drivel. Neither of these will make any difference or could be construed as putting up a fight.Wolves fans are people who want the best for the club, people who believe the action they take to be in Wolves best interests.Those who, in these tough times, abuse people and make outrageous, unsupported comments are acting Oral Steroids Risks in a counter productive way.We now need assurances that those mistakes will not be repeated and above all, we need somes wins on the pitch! I shall be with those shouting the Wolves on tomorrow.Unfortunately i have to agree at this moment in time. One thing I am totally certain of and that is DS is not the manager for Wolves. His egotistical comments are ill timed and serve no purpose. It everybody fault except his. One comment I pick out (taken from a video so I know he said it) " you don get where I am without.). Who does he think he is. MM came to this club post GH and took a handful of players on a journey we will never forget. We now have a better squad than most clubs in the championship and is good enough to challenge the play offs. The simple truth is that no football match was ever won by volume and support alone, the guys who have to make it happen are the players. So it is time for them to "man up" and earn their money, I am sure that I speak for ever fan when I say that relegation to division one scares the beejeebers out of me, its implications do not bear thinking about and at the end of the day if the players keep on losing then all the support in the world will be no more than window Masteron Female Dosage dressing.I with those who worry about demonstrations. They have a habit of turning nasty because of the unruly members of society who gravitate towards them. Will the organisers have stewards in place to cover against this? Have the police been officially notified? Have the organisers considered that a low turn out will achieve the opposite effect to that which they intend? I am Masteron Gyno as concerned as the next about our plight, but I feel very dubious about the planned move. I just pray that there is no trouble and that no one is injured. Saunders is "Anaboliset Aineet" right, the stadium needs to be one hundred per cent behind the team tomorrow night. Personally, if I were a Wolves player chosen to play tomorrow, I be as apprehensive as hell with all this going on around me. And whatever we think of some of them, we have got to get behind them we got to "cheer them up" rather than "boo them down". If we are relegated they leave (and they be OK) and we be left with League 1 status and the long road back. Somehow, we have got to find it in ourselves to push them back above the drop line. The recriminations can be let loose then. Going back to the protest I think Morgan really does smell the coffee now and has already got the message. What he does about it remains to be seen.To be honest I given up caring!Sick of all the PR rubbish that comes out of the mouths of players, managers and moxey.Don patronise us saying to supporters put the club first!It us supporters that have to fork out hard earned cash to have the privellige of watching our so called stars so forgive me if we are entitled to have an opinion.We are the ones that have to put up with abuse from our rivals when at work we are the ones that don sleep too good thinking we could end up in the lower leagues so start sorting this rubbish out on the pitch DS before telling us!Some of our fans are living on a different Planet/in Cloud Cuckoo Land, if they think there Bivirkninger are another dozen Steve Morgans waiting round the corner to take over from him if we force him out. It took Sir Jack 5 "Acquistare Anadrol" years to find a buyer in a time before the recesssion. Morgan has been brave enough to admit his mistakes in Public. This intended protest is counter productive. Let get behind the team or it could be another case of not being careful what we wished for. We don want to be another Pompey.DANGER ALERT !!! These so called fans protests are potentially dangerous and can get out of hand. They are often shown on soccer TV and usually exacerbate any unrest and unsettle players, other fans,and management all the more. The whole of WWFC public image could be irreparably damaged.The teams low confidence would be further weakened, and visiting teams often sense the situation and play more confidently for a win. This is likely a factor why Wolves have been losing narrowly during this period of reshaping and rebuilding the team and its spirit .Whoever initiated this protest idea has shown a great lack of human understanding, and is not acting inWolves better interests. To go ahead with such a scheme which is immediately BEFORE such a critically

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